1st Cutting of NEW Pasture!!

 Sound the bugles!  Pop the cork!  It is a beautiful day on the farm!

Our Field and Mt. Baker

Remember on July 2nd when we planted the 18 acres of new grass, then had .01 in of rainfall for that month?  Remember how prolific the weeds were?  Well, with good advice (Thanks Dave and others) and diligence, we have the first cutting done!!!  We mowed the weeds a few times and the grass took over, just as we had hoped for.  No spray, just diesel for the mowing.

This first cutting will go as cow food in the form of the giant marshmallows.  I will try to post updated pictures in a couple of days.


I am just so excited to see the progress.  My learning curve has been steep, but I have trusted the right people.

Thanks Charlie!

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