Assessing a Goat’s Back-Side Structure

Here is a good article, timely with kidding fast approaching, if not already started for you.  This is an easy to understand article on the importance of good structure for our hard working girls.  Some of you say, “Oh, but I don’t show, so it does not matter.”  Well, yes, in fact, it does matter.  I don’t show either but I learned early on that what makes a good show goat makes a good dairy goat.  We all need good structure, strong, healthy feet & legs, capacious, well-attached udders,  wide, deep rib cages for increased oxygen exchange, strong shoulders for enhanced ambulation, and I do love a beautiful head on a goat.  In my mind, this may translate to strong jaws for lots of hay eating, wide, clear eyes for better vision.  I also happen to enjoy the look of the long, elegant females.  Then we get down to personal preferences, for which the choices are almost limitless.  I just don’t compromise on milk quality and quantity.  It is possible to have degrees of the best in all of them.  Happy Kidding!

One More Decision Factor…

So, keep these traits in mind as you begin kidding and deciding what to keep as herd replacements.  Also, if you have weak areas, begin looking for bucks who may be able to help “fix” areas.  All good breeders will be able to assist you with these decisions.  This is an excellent time of year to pick your new Jr. Herdsire for next year.

Thanks to Dairy Goat Journal and 3 Eagles Ranch Nubians & Boers for helping me find this!  I love our information sharing out here in cyber world.  I am convinced it makes us all a little bit better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this so we may all “Promote the Goat” for better health & longevity.

Working Women

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