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Tube Feeding Sick/Weak Kids or Lambs

Here is probably the best instruction sheet I have ever seen for feeding sick or weak kids and lambs.  This is precisely the technique we have used here for our entire goat career. Tube Feeding Sick or Weak Newborn Kids or LambsClick this link to open the page. Gothberg Farms Kidding Supplies More Gothberg Farms…

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1st Annual “Mission Fondue” at Gothberg Farms

Goat Cheese Fondue-Oh My! You may know I have been on “Mission Fondue” for a year or so now.   Because let’s face reality: we have some really great cheeses and are perpetually experimenting around the kitchen with more and more ways to enjoy them.  Of course Gothberg Farms cheeses are quite prominent in the…

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Lasagna, Cheese Boards, Cheesecakes……..Oh My!

Holiday Set Up At Compass Wines It’s that special time of year when we meet up with friends & family, share special foods, enjoy the change of the Seasons, & generally stop to reflect on another year completed in our busy lives.  Here on the dairy that takes on special meaning.  This is when we…

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Goats For Sale

We have more great LaMancha goats here than we are going be able to keep this year.  2 mature does, 3 (with possibility of 6) doelings, 1 buckling, and 2 wethers (not for meat). Gracee at Appraisal 8/12 (milked out) Since I’m not smart enough to post a document into this space, email me and…

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Chèvre & Fennel Tasting

I LOVE fennel.  I find it unique, healthy, interesting, & a great accompaniment to my cooking.  I had some ground fennel which I kept smelling.  It was enticing.  One thought led to another, as frequently happens here.  Thoughts trend to generally turn towards cheese for almost everything here too.  So then, how would a fennel…

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Cheese Sales at the Farm Starts Oct. 6, 2012

How can it be that time of year already?  Farmers markets are coming to an end in many locations, goats are being bred for next years babies and milk, milk supply changing to Fall consistency.  Whew!  This was a fast dairy year here at Gothberg Farms. We will now have the Farm “Stand” open for…

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Greek-Style Yogurt From a Small Farmstead

We love our goats (no secrets in this).  We love the beautiful milk they provide so willingly twice a day, every day.  We love the 20+ cheeses we produce from this incredible milk.  Since we are a very small farm, we have the ‘luxury’ of being a bit creative.  One of the local favorites is…

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Farmers Markets Biodiversity

Here is a very well-written post about a topic I have been espousing for years!!!  Yes folks, we are making ourselves sick with the food/sanitizer/antibiotic fanaticism.  Too good not to share.Add A Little Dirt to Our Diet So go ahead, grow your own food, shop at your local markets, go outside, open a window, pet…

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29 Ways to Love Chèvre

Gothberg Farms Chèvre with Figs and Honey Welcome First Day of Summer!!!!  And nothing says Summer is here like fresh from the goat farm Chèvre! Here is a guest blog post from Chez LouLou “28 Reasons to Love Fromage de Chèvre”.    She lists some excellent ideas and recipes.  Have fun with this one!!  We…

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‘Man-Food’ Cheese & Meat Board for Father’s Day

The men in this house do love cured meats.  They also enjoy cheeses (good thing, eh?).  It’s no secret that Roy likes stronger cheeses and meats, so I set out to accommodate that preference for Father’s Day. Cheese & Charcuterie for Father’s Day 2012 Here is my brief review of the selections: (as viewed left…

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