Baby Goats……Arriving Soon!!

Eliza-due soon

It’s that season again-Spring kidding.  Our kidding calendar is posted, supplies are procured, barns will be cleaned & sanitized this week, then let the birthing begin.  We will start out with a frenzy of baby goat cuteness.  It is a busy season, short on sleep, short on good meals, and largely unpredictable.

Joe Zell’s Triplets

It is also a time of baby goat cuteness, the miracle of birth, and a time for all of us to pull together around here.  Our does give birth as naturally as possible. While we do attend almost every delivery, the doe does it all on her own if all is normal.  If not, she will be assisted as necessary.  On rare occasion, we even have to call the vet.  Trust me, we know how lucky we are to have large animal vets who make farm calls.

A Little Extra Warmth

 We let the kids nurse their dams for the initial newborn period.  This promotes bonding, lets the kids feed on demand for the life sustaining colostrum and warm milk.  It also helps promote the natural hormones for the Mom which are important to her well-being after delivery.

After the initial newborn period, the kids are bottle fed, then graduated to the “bucket”. This is a group feeder for up to 10 kids at a time.  It is really cute seeing their little wagging tails as they feed so vigorously.

Sofie Helps Babysit & Shares Toys!

A Warm Ride
Baby Goats Feeding

Each kid and each doe gets individualized attention here. Our goal is Healthy Mom, Healthy Babies. We have a really good track record, and aim to continue that.

We are still accepting pre-orders for kids.  We sell doelings, bucklings(must have paid deposit), and wethers.  We provide education, instruction, and moral support for the duration of your goading life.  So give us a call!  We would love to help you in choosing a “just right” baby goat for you and your lifestyle.
CAE Free herd.  All tested Jan. 2012.

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