Cheese Lovers Package

We are offering a variety of our cheeses as a package. These are our most popular choices. Prices are “at the farm or farmers market” picked up prices.  Shipping is available at extra cost to purchaser. We need a 2 week lead time(preferred anyway until Memorial Day) on orders.

**Note:  This is a sampling of our cheeses.  Not all are featured in this promotion.

Package Includes:
Chevre (1 pound)  packaged in appx. 1/3 lb. rounds
Feta (1.5 pound) packaged in smaller sizes in individual vacuum pouches
Gouda (1.5 pound) may choose up to 2 varieties:
     Cinco de Mayo (red pepper/garlic),
     Cumin Seed
Cheddar or Caerphilly (1 pound) 

Cheese Companions – 1 package of each:
Cinco de Mayo Crackers with our own Cinco de Mayo blend
Lemon-Ricotta Cookies  with our own whole milk ricotta
Chevre/Cranberry/Walnut Biscuits  with our own chevre

The above companions are our own custom recipes that are baked at the The Breadfarm in Edison, WA.

$150.00 for all of this:
5 cheeses and 3 custom companions!

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