Cheesemaker Apprenticeship

We are offering a free, 2 day cheesemaker apprenticeship opportunity here on the farm.  This is for an aspiring cheesemaker between the ages of 18 and 30.   The recipient will work side by side with an experienced and passionate cheesemaker.  You will meet the goats, the milk, the farm, and of course the cheese.

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At Gothberg Farms we love making cheese!  We love sharing what we do!  We love young folks who may aspire to be a cheesemaker.  Of course 2 days won’t make you a cheesemaker, but it will give you a feel for this amazing craft.

Application Criteria:

1.  Must be between the ages of 18 and 30.

2.  Submit an essay on why you may want to be a cheesemaker and what led you to that thought.

3.  Attach a resume or some chronology about your life up to this point.

4.  Applications must be received no later than 5pm February 25, 2011.

There is no fee for this apprenticeship.

Transportation costs are the sole responsibility of the recipient.  Housing may be provided if needed.

We are strictly a no smoking, no drugs, no pets allowed farm.

Submit applications to:

or:  15203 Sunset Road
      Bow WA 98232

7 thoughts on “Cheesemaker Apprenticeship”

  1. What an excellent offer! I wish I were young and agile enough to apply. I applaud your willingness and community outreach in offering this firsthand opportunity to see and participate in the process.

  2. Thanks Kay. I think it is all of our ‘job’ to mentor and propogate our younger, enthusiastic workers. I know I can’t do this forever and will appreciate eating great cheese for years to come, and hopefully it will be in our own community.

  3. I’m with Kay West. I would love to be young enough to take advantage of an opportunity like this. I’ve just recently started experimenting with cheesemaking at home and find it quite satisfying.

  4. I still think of it as magic every time the milk coagulates. I get the science, but still think of it as magic. Fluid milk, then minutes later-cutting it as curd! I applaud you for trying it yourself. Happy Cheesemaking!

  5. Would you be willing to consider an application from someone only a a year older than the posted ages? I am 31 and very interested in becoming a cheesemaker in order to create a value-added product out of the milk from our family dairy. If you are willing to consider flexing your guidlines slightly, I will happily write an essay detailing my background with goats and cows as well as the path that has lead me back to wanting to make cheese. I promise I am still as agile as I was in my 20’s and having just finished five years of college, still an avid learner. Thank you. I will eagerly await your reply.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    The dates will be coordinated with the winning recipient and our schedule. We make cheese 3-5 times a week, and have cheese room duties 7 days a week. It will work for the recipient, we will see to that. Thanks for asking. Rhonda

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