Cheesemakers, Camaraderie, “Competition”, and Confusion

When you are a cheesemaker, a goat milker, or a woman of agriculture in any capacity-you have a pretty small peer group.  As a general rule this is perfectly fine because those you do have in your circle are such awesome folks, you can’t imagine your life being much richer.  We all thrive on the quality we produce, the community we feed, the animals we love, and our supportive customers who prop us up in so many ways.

Recently I was interviewed at length by a WSU accounting student for her final project.  She was amazed at my attitude of not seeing my local cheesemakers as competition but as as enhancements to our overall community and food system.  She was just sure I might see them as “threats”, but I don’t.  I know I am not able to feed everyone-heck-none of us can.  I think it is awesome we can offer so many LOCAL choices here to our eaters.  We are all unique, we all work hard, we all do our best.

There is the rare occasion of someone with a very different outlook and approach to mine.  They tend to make it ugly and unattractive.  Thankfully they are the rarity.

To ALL of my fellow cheesemakers-God Bless Us All!  We, along with our animals, give our all to feed you the most delicious, nutritious, responsibly produced food we know how to do.

Thank You for your loyalty and continued support.

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