Cheesemaking Shortcourse in Mt. Vernon, WA


We are so lucky this year to have the Cheesemaking Shortcourse offered in Mt. Vernon WA.  This is an excellent course for those serious about making cheese!  Every topic is relevant, the speakers are extremely knowledgable, and the connections you make within the class will probably be helpful to you for many years to come!

This is where I got my start folks.  So, yes, you ‘can’ attend a short course, add in plenty of passion, hard work, hours and hours of practice and learning-and you too can dedicate your life to cheese!  Not so bad if you ask me.

It is also a great course to take even if your goal is home cheesemaking.  Being more informed, knowing what to do, where to get supplies, learning what to strive for….all are important as a food producer of any kind!

I think miraculously there may be a few seats left, so if you are considering this offering, I would not hesitate long.

4 thoughts on “Cheesemaking Shortcourse in Mt. Vernon, WA”

  1. Passion, research, learning, hard work, hours and hours of practice. With Passion our small ideas become dreams!

    Have fun at the cheese shortcourse!

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