Farm Stand Open October 29th-Christmas

Most of you  know we don’t have an actual “Farm Store” but more like a farm stand on a limited & seasonal basis.  This is due to the nature of  farm work, especially on such a small farm as ours.  The goats are milked twice each day & their health & well-being are assessed & evaluated many times a day.  Cheese is made 4-5 days a week, with cheese/cheese room/cheese ageing duties 7 days a week.  Add in packing, wrapping, marketing, distribution, farmers markets…..I think you are probably getting a general idea.  We just don’t have the “free” time to make it happen any more often.

That said, we do love it when we get to be open.  It is a good time to find our cheese off-season from most of the farmers markets, but more than anything it is a good time to come talk about the farm in a more relaxed atmosphere.  You get to see the goats (but not touch them).  You are able to ask us any questions you may have.

Our hours are 10am-2pm.  We have considered going to 4pm, but that starts to push almost to milking time.  We will see what your response is this year and reevaluate if need be.

So, plan your “Edison loop” this weekend and stop by.  Also in our area is Samish Bay Cheese (organic cow), Golden Glen Creamery (cow),  Slough Foods (awesome Mediterranean grocery store), Breadfarm (OK, just the best!), a host of eateries, and of course some of the most beautiful farm scenery just about anywhere.

Special orders gladly accepted.  We are happy to assist you with your cheese serving ideas and party plans with CHEESE!!

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