Finale Friday (With Wine)

It has been a semi-eventful few days.  Weather has been the focus around here.  Snow, the first of the season, more than we are used to, more challenging, and then Ice Storms across much of our region to wreak havoc with us Pacific Ocean proximity dwellers.  We only got about 8 inches here at the farm, but for some reason it just was not met with the usual exuberance.  This kind of weather event, this time of year, for us, is really more of an inconvenience than anything, the truth be told.  Goat chores take 2-3 times as long to accomplish, the “commute” to the barn can be a challenge (remember the fake hip of a few years ago?).  But not to be forgotten, we are NOT in active kidding season yet, so hey, Thank the Snow Gods.  Bring it on now, and how about we just skip February altogether???  That is slated to be a very prolific kidding time frame.

For tonight we have chosen to repeat a wine from a previous post.  The wine is “Weather Report” from Peter’s Cellars in Mattawa, WA.  This is an ’08 Cab.  Not quite as fully developed as we might hope, but perfectly enjoyable and a really good accompaniment to the cheese/meat/bread selections for the evening.

Gothberg Farms Goat Cheese, Salumi Meats, Breadfarm Bread

The meat is from Salumi Cured Meats in Seattle.  This is the current favorite.  It is made with mole, chocolate, cinnamon, ancho and chipotle peppers, and of course, The Pig.  OK, so to a Native Texan, what’s not to love???  The cheeses chosen are our own, Gothberg Farms Woman of LaMancha and Caprino Romano, both raw milk cheeses aged over one year.  The Woman is our ‘strongest’ cheese.  The beautiful rind is an olive oil/smoked paprika cured delight.  The Caprino Romano is pure flavor and a season favorite.  It is fabulous as a table cheese and also works quite well for cooking or enhancing your favorite foods.  The flavors tend to explode when heated, so you should try it if you are lucky enough to be able to find some.  Then there is the bread, yes, the bread.  The choice is the Miche from the Breadfarm.  This is a favorite with pretty much anything but for this meat/cheese/wine board it was perfect!  Just the right amount of everything to enhance but not overpower any flavors.

The wine and meats were from our beloved Slough Food in Edison, WA.  We love absolutely everything about John and his shop.

So next time the Weather Report is challenging you, come see us in Edison for this fine Friday Finale Supper.  We are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Finale Friday (With Wine)”

  1. Oh wow, apparently I can identify Salumi’s mole salami on sight. That is a DELICIOUS salami. My current favorite too.

    Your cheeses also look amazing. 🙂

  2. It was a perfect ending to the snow and ice. But then this combo would likely be pretty perfect most anytime!

    You must be one of the committed-like me-with sight recognition. Nice!
    Thanks for the note,

  3. We continue to have good weather. Last weekend was cold. Saturday night it rained and Sunday we had wind. We thought that the rain was ok as it crusted the snow, so it didn’t blow on Sunday.

    Monday and Tuesday was in the low 30’s. Sounds like nicer temps tomorrow.

    Semi-eventful sounds nice. Busy, not swampted and not behind. 🙂

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