For the Love of Cheese Boards

I love old, seasoned cutting boards.  To me, they tell a story all their own.  Stories of meals prepared, foods shared, times gone by.  I have a pretty nice collection of them now and will do a post on them some day.

The Starting Lumber

For today, I want to show you what I made myself!!  We have a unique little shop in Edison called the Lucky Dumpster that always has something to surprise me.  A couple of weeks ago I discovered they had old, used lumber.  Now that gets a girls’ attention like no other!!  I’ve been looking for some ‘just right’ pieces for a while now.  So, I found some pieces to try to work with.  This is old rough sawn lumber, nails to pull, and the rough bark edge still intact.

I wagged home my choices.  My Husband scratched his head but said little.  He ran some pieces through the planer for me.  I chose the perfect one.  Husband then ran the router around the edges for me.  Me and power tools have a story-for another time.  He kept wanting to cut it perfectly square, but NOOOO, not what I want!

One day while sitting in the cold barn aisle watching over an imminent doe to give birth, I sanded it to my desired level, and then rubbed in a finish of food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

So, now, tonight as friends come over to share a bit of post-kidding marathon bubbly and some really great goat cheese (I have connections on this one) I will get to serve our food to our friends from the board I made.

Both Sides Equally Nice

Now, for my board to begin its’ journey of stories………

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