Giant Marshmallows

June 2011

We finally got the chance to cut the hay field for the first time this season!!! JUNE!!!  It has been such a late year with too much rain and too cold weather.  We fortunately got 55 giant marshmallows (aka haylage) in this cutting (about 18 acres).  This will go to feed beef cattle locally.

Had the field man out from agronomy center today making recommendations and assessing the grass.  It is generally healthy, just needs a little nourishment. And some HEAT would be good.  We have not yet hit 70 degrees here this year.

Last year we we had too little rain on the new seed but it did grow anyway.  The weed load was heavy in spots, but we were able to eradicate them with frequent mowing.  No pesticides and no herbicides.

We work with local farmers on projects like this.  We do not have the skill or equipment for planting or haying, but gladly work with those who do.  We have the land. Our “hay guy” Charlie, is so good to work with over the years now.  Our way of supporting a young farmer and also feeding our goats and his cattle.  Love win:win.  This way of life has a way of bringing really good people into our lives.

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