Goat Stats December 2011

Today is a monumental day on the farm.  As of today, we will only be milking once a day!!!!  WooHoo!!! The goats are ready and Debbie and I are surely happy to oblige.  It is a time for us to get some semblance of ‘normal’ in our lives.  We have learned to enjoy every moment of it, because the new kids begin arriving about Valentine’s Day.  But for now: supper, sleep, dates, appointments, cleaning, barn chores, painting, mending, well you get the idea.

We are finishing up the milking year with some healthy, happy goats.  Keep in mind our goats are LaManchas.  They are a dairy breed.  They are known for their awesome personalities and the sweetest, best milk ever tasted (well, IMHO).  We have been at this just about long enough to see improvements in the herd from year to year.  That said, our foundation stock continue to produce quite well.  Just a few of the stats from our last DHIA test:
Doe              Lactation Number    # Milk    Days In Milk
Topaz                #3                       3440           276
Opal                  #4                       3030           302
Pearl                  #5                       3050           298
Zuppa                #2                       2510           259
Zippy                 #1                       2020           261
Zora                   #2                       2810           299
Ditto                   #5                       4880           610

Ten of the does have Milk Equivalents (ME) over 3000#
One has a ME over 4000#  (That would be Topaz)

And remember, we only milked 20 this year.  Others are ending the year very close and some will easily make this next year.  Sure, we are proud of them.  But more than that, we marvel at them every day.  They graciously give 110% every single day, year after year.  Their milk is like melted ice cream.  They are some of life’s best companions.  They are treated very well, and we genuinely love each of them for who they are.

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