Goats (& Cheese) Debut on KOMO4 News

On November 17, 2010 we were on the 4 o’clock news IN Seattle.  We had an assortment of our cheeses which were showcased for Eat Local for Thanksgiving.  We also brought a live goat with us, by request I might add.  It was a lot of fun bringing the goat to the city, walking him into regular elevators, through the fancy lobby of Fisher Plaza, and up to the news station.

Tom Watson and all the KOMO staff were so kind, professional, and fun to work with.  I was a bit nervous as everything happened so fast.  Debbie, esteemed goat handler, went with me.  Could not have done it without her.

Here is the link to the news clip. You may to allow Active X for it to work.

Rhonda on KOMO patio

Debbie in KOMO patio (4th floor up)

Debbie and Goat by Space Needle

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