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It is that time of year again. We breed them in the fall, nourish their preganancies (and them) all through the winter, then come Spring, we birth with them. It is the cycle on the farm. We love the babies, hold, cuddle, nourish, and see to their needs along with their Mom (called dams in goat world). As the weeks progress, we have more than we can keep. We have quite a few pre-orders from people who know our genetics and fabulous milk. But still, there are more. We offer doelings (younger than a year), bucklings, and wethers (a castrated male goat). If you don’t already have goats, we provide resource support for basically the rest of your life. I am happy to share my non-veterinary advice with you about their care. I do not take the place of qualified vet care.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these magnficent animals. Prices available upon request.

2 thoughts on “Goats For Sale”

  1. Hi, interested in any doelings you may have available ? What are your prices? I have a small goat farm in Maple Valley and have been thinking of adding a la mancha to our herd. I have Toggs, oberhaslis and Nubians and breed them for minis. Thanks for any info. Julie Jarvis (Animal Cracker Farm) animalcrackerfarm@gmail.com

  2. Hey Julie, fun to see your comment here. Great choice of LM herds imho! I’m not speaking for Rhonda but know that she’s in beyond eyeballs in kidding and rain lately. Normally, she’s super responsive. –Lacia Lynne

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