Growing Marshmallows!

1st Haylage

Well, maybe not really, but this is what our Grandson thought last year when saw these in a field.  We are VERY excited to have gotten to this point this year.  It has been an odd year for grass here, cold, wet, unpredictable.  Remember when we first planted this (late) on July 2nd, as it had rained almost every day up to that point?  Then when it did not rain for over a month?  Then we had weed pressure which we controlled with mowing?  This says a LOT for the skill of the farmers we work with and also for the general health/growing suitability of our land.  Anyway, now this 18 acres is not looking too shabby!

One of the Marshmallow Stacks

 The goats are infinitely curious and entertained by anything happening in “their” yard.  We won’t feed any of this to our goats, it is all going for cow food.  We don’t feed silage feeds.  Mostly just thrilled it will go to a good use to feed livestock!  Rough count is about 50 of these large bales.  Now if all goes well, next year this will help feed our goats.

Hey Gals-Come Look!

They all had to come out and look at what I was doing walking on the side of the road with camera in hand!

Love, Love, Love….their curiosity.  They followed up by coming out to the fence to greet me.

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