Kidding Starts at the Goat Dairy

Need This for Attitude Adjustments

Clean Pens/Sanitized Walls

Quasar Welcomes Cassiopeia

The calendar says February 13, 2012. But the sky, the temperature, the pace of life all say Spring is coming.  While we are enjoying the warmest kidding season ever, there is still a lot of work to do.  Just the behind the scenes prep work takes weeks.  We have been fixing, sanding, repairing, painting, installing, revamping….oh..and then the usual clean up, spiff up, sanitize, and get ready for long days and sleepless nights.  It has become somewhat predictable now at about 10 years into it (neophytes still).  An air of eager anticipation seems to take over us and onward we go.

Eliza-due 2/20/2012

Labor & Delivery Supplies & Clean Towels Galore
Grain Feeders Clean & Ready

The older I get, the more important this becomes.

SHADOW!!!!!!  Brief moment of SUN!

Remembering to Enjoy the Life

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