Milk Test Preliminary Results

Just added up the amounts milked from today’s test.  We won’t have the fat and protein counts until the end of the day.

Most milk-Topaz with 14.1 lbs of milk.  First timer Zippy (9 days fresh) 7.5 pounds (despite being stressed at having her babies taken off her).

We are milking 16 right now. Our herd average is 10.70 lbs. which includes first timers and the one milking through.  Most of our older girls are at 10-13 lbs. A gallon of milk weighs about 8.4 lbs. We won’t win the top awards in the LaMancha world, but I think we do dang good for a small commercial herd.  I am proud of them, of their vigor, of their daily willingness to work, and for their companionship.

OK, off to do OB checks on Eliza and Joe Zell.

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