More on Dairy Goat “Correctness”

Yesterday I posted about the importance of correctness in any dairy goat.  I gave you my opinions about why I think it is important.  Here I want to share a few stunning LaManchas with you.  Lucky Star Farm ( is a nationally recognized breeder of very high quality LaManchas.  Yes, they happen to be part of the core foundation of our herd (Happily I might add!).  If you feel so inclined, look through the goats on their site.  They are a fine example of what a well-bred, well-managed dairy goat looks like.  I know there are comparably beautiful goats of every breed out there.  I am sharing this as “an” example of quality to look for and strive for in your own herds.

What pictures don’t show is milk quality and palatability.  Well, I guess you will just have to taste our cheese to verify that one.

Selections from Gothberg Farms

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