Our Goat “Ditto”

Ditto in her Sweatshirt

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Ditto the Milky Way LaMancha.  
This doe just got dried off after milking through for 3 seasons!!!  OMG what is not to love?  She is personality plus, not afraid of much, loves spoiling and pampering, and demands special treats!  Well, she earns it!  She would have kept going, I am convinced.  She got dried off for owner convenience really.  Milking one goat once a day lost its’ appeal in the snowstorm last week.  I will come to regret this in a day or so when I have to resort to store milk for my coffee.  For 3 seasons now, she has milked twice a day in the peak season, and once a day during the winter.  She was not bred of course.  When the others came back up on the stand for twice a day, so did she.
DHIA records show:
661 days in milk
5060 lbs. of milk                                
3.61 Butterfat
3.24 Protein

Ditto is almost 6 years old finishing her third season, and has not had a dry year.  She was initially milked through because she has so much milk she was having trouble keeping her body condition.  We thought a break might do her good.  Well, it did.  She looks great.  Who knows how long she could have milked?  Right now she is pretty upset with me for not bringing her up!

Hugs Mandatory aAfter Milking

This is a doe who carries a genetic trait for affection.  She will not exit the milk stand with out her daily hug!  This is not a joke.  And she will not hug new milkers until she trusts them.  Always trust the instincts of a goat!  Her mother, my all time favorite goat, Same As (daughter of Paradigm) did the same thing.  Hugs!  Sadly Same As passed away a few years ago. I still miss her.

Same As-The Goat

Luckily we get to choose who we keep here.  Yes, milk is important, as is health and vigor.  But we have a solid base there (thankfully).  So often those who’s kids get kept are based somewhat on personality traits.  The Same As line is powerful here.  And with many good reasons.  The heritage from Lucky Star goats is strong, admired, healthy, and milky.

Same As-the Grand Dam
Carbon Copy “Lounging” on the Wall

And the line continues.  Another herd favorite is Carbon Copy and her twin sister FAX (beginning to see how we name here?).  They are personality plus and their daughters keep the traits too.  It is this kind of almost silly stuff to many folks that keeps us going here.  Every goat here is known by their personality and individual traits. We simply would not have it any other way.

4 thoughts on “Our Goat “Ditto””

  1. It’s always nice to have a line of livestock that continues to produce quality traits. We find the same cows (sometimes cow families) consistently produce replacement heifers.

    It is amazing how animals do have personalities. The Rancher is always reminding me that Molly is a dog, not a human. But, I still think she needs hugs!

  2. Well, I lost my friend Ollie on the 13th, gained a Grandson Ethan (11.3oz.) on the 16th and I got a new hip on the 17th…
    Your posting is so informative as usual…Give the kids hugs and hubby too. Doug and Tootsie

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