Plant It & It Will Grow

We are blessed with fabulous soils where we live.  Almost any cool seaon plant will grow here. Our water table is high, so that is good for summer growth, but not so good in winter when we get “ponding” aka lakes on our fields.

Here is a current picture of the pasture we planted just as the rains stopped coming.  Weeds have been prolific, but there is quite a bit of grass too.  We have consulted with the skilled local farmer next door and the agronomist and are opting for continuing to mow the weeds down.  Each time, more grass sprouts.  We are not certified organic, but ascribe more to organic principles than not.  So, mowing is a better choice than spraying, for us.  In the back, there is actually quite a bit of nice, green, freshly sprouted grass!!

Our little fledgling garden is managing to produce some food for us too.  This year has been cold and wet, so none of the warmer season plants have done so well.  Chard, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, beets, potatoes-all doing just fine.

A few foods did manage to survive my neglect and crummy season.
Scarce tomatoes and purple cabbbage.
We are so blessed with our soils.  The garden is fed 100% with goat bedding compost.  It is all that is ever needed. I don’t water, weed sporadically (usually with help!) and still it feeds us partially through my benign neglect.

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