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This is one of THE most positive mass fresh ideas I have seen in quite some time.  How awesome would it be if all of us JUST supported our local, small businesses for even one day????  I think the effect would be colossal.  Even if you had not planned to shop this Saturday, but made it a point to go out and support just one small business, it could be huge.

As a small business owner, existing solely to help feed my local community, I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your support and just how much several of us depend on that continued support.  Without you, I certainly would not be here, and my awesome employees would not have jobs they apparently love and heavily depend upon. The figure I have seen “out there” is that for every dollar you spend locally .68 is returned to the community (compared to .38 when you shop big chains).  I would venture to say it is even higher here, as all of us are extremely locally focused in almost everything we do-food, entertainment, gifts, rent, banking, farmers markets, feed mill, veterinarians, dairy supply, water supply, septic services, sand/gravel, hay, kitchen stores, hardware stores, lumber yards, clothing, wine/cider, etc…..and the list is so much longer than this.

So tomorrow, I will be here working our farm store in the hopes you come by from 10 to 2.  You could make a lovely trip of it, and make it a point to visit even just the fine food choices we have here in Edison(Bow).  Three cheesemakers, artisan bread, and our own European grocery (Slough Food), and 2 other bakeries.  Plus you could also stop for grass fed meats at our own Island Grown Farmers Coop.  Ask me for recommendations! Please!  Ask!!!

Farm Store:
15203 Sunset Road
Bow WA 98232

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