Test Day Diversions

Our goats are on DHIA milk test through the American Dairy Goat Association and the USDA.  We milk monthly, measure the amount, and then the fat and protein content of the milk is measured.  This all gets recorded and goes into the great computer in the sky. What it does for us personally is tell us objectively who our most productive does are.  I use this information in my cheesemaking, my breeding, and my culling decisions.  I love test day, not because it is more work, but because I actually use the numbers.

Last night test was made particularly exciting as Allie decided to deliver during test.  I had one eye on the  delivering goat and the other on the milking goat.  Thank goodness Debbie was here too!  Allie delivered 2 bucks (first freshener).  One was large/normal and the other just a little squeak of a thing.  He must weigh about 1.5-2 lbs.  Had him in the house all night but he is out with Mom and brother this morning.  I am bottle feeding him colostrum every few hours (a whopping 2 oz. per feeding!).  He is not preemie, just small.  He sucks, walks around, and has good temperature control.  They do so much better outside and at least in with Mom and brother.  I will be out in the barn most of today anyway-more new ones coming soon to a stall near me.

One More Coming

Then, after all this excitement, Debbie and I were eager for some supper.  We decided to put WaMaPa in a birthing pen while we went in.  Deb got her and said-Oops, we have feet.  So, WaMaPa subsequently also delivered 2 vigorous bucks.  We got supper about 10:30 pm, then back out to the barn for the other bottle babies who got missed at 7pm.  All is well, all are fed, and are OK.

Today Eliza looks imminent. For her sake, I sure hope so!

Very Pregnant Eliza

2 thoughts on “Test Day Diversions”

  1. I am sure you are so proud of your girls and the babies…they are so darn cute! Looks like I miss out on another year to see spring.
    We have 4 kittens as of April 1st…they are posted on my blog…
    Dougy is still not doing well enough for us to go on the road but our hearts are with you both…
    Hugs from the Runds down south!

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