Texas BBQ Follow Up

As you may have heard, we had a really fabulous time with the Cafe Adrift, Boundary Bay Brewery, and Gothberg Farms Texas BBQ, beer and cheese pairing on June 6th.  The food (almost 100% local) was beyond incredible. 

One of the fun events we did was a beer/cheese pairing alchemy led by our much loved Julia Wayne from Edible Seattle.  Here are the results of the pairings we had the pleasure of sampling!

Hopefully most of you have seen the pictures on facebook, so I won’t bore you with repeats.

One thought on “Texas BBQ Follow Up”

  1. Your Texas BBQ event sounds like it was totally FAB! Sorry I missed it, but now that I’m “a follower,” I’ll be in the know about where to go!

    Chatterbox Cheese

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