Texas Girl Goats

All of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association.  They are all of the breed LaMancha.  We have been caretakers for these magnificent animals for about 8-9 years now (meaning in the big scheme of goat breeders, we are neophytes).  Every so often I look on the ADGA website and see what stats might be out there on them.  I know in a day to day, week to week, and year to year basis that they are great girls, giving 110% every day of their life, but sometimes I stop to reflect on how they “measure up” to others in the registry.  Now in no way do I mean to imply they are super, above all others, or anything remotely near that.  I have some awesome mentors out there who have forgotten way more than I will ever know.  What I do find, is the girls hold their own.  I am proud of them every day.  When I look them up, I feel a few words of recognition are earned.

Working Moms


Today is one of those days.

We have 4 does on the Elite Doe list:  Zia, Opal, Topaz, & Victoria.  Elite doe status is awarded to does in the top 5% of their breed category.

Opal & Her Quints

We have 13 (of our 20 milkers) with their Superior Genetics ratings: Joe Zell, Zia, Pearl, Wynona, Ditto, Opal, Zanna, Eliza, Naomi, Topaz, Yasmin, Zuppa, & Victoria.  Superior Genetics is awarded to does in the top 15% of their breed category.

And one of our bucks: Samson has his +*B-also an excellent rating. Samson is not our breeding, so thank you Just As I  Am for him!

This does not just happen.  We participate in DHIA milk test annually and have linear appraisal done on our animals every 2 years.  We are as committed to the quality of our animals as we are to the quality of our cheeses.  It all goes hand in hand.

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