We Are Now Animal Welfare Approved

Please join us in celebrating this awesome organization! They are concerned with the welfare of ALL farm animals worldwide.  Their standards are high.  Their process is comprehensive.  Being a part of this is an honor.

The person they sent to survey our farm was knowledgeable, helpful, and fun.  His name was Jan, a PhD.  from WSU.  He looked at absolutely every function related to the animals and their well being., I have such confidence in this organization with this kind of comprehensive approach to animal practices.  Any suggestions he offered were meaningful and heeded.  He is a livestock producer himself.

I had not thought too much about “labels” before I became aware of this organization.  There are so many labels and tags out there, it is hard for me to decipher.  This one caught my attention for their comprehensive approach to all animals.  We strive very diligently here to provide the absolute best for our animals, at every stage of life.  It is nice to have third party, arms length confirmation that we are on the “right track” providing humane and ethical treatment of our animals.  I firmly believe you actually taste it in our milk, but that is my opinion.

You, as a food consumer, should look for their logo wherever you buy your food. 

Thank you for your support!

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