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Get Your Goat Cheese from Gothberg
Posted on September 14, 2010 by Sarah

Lucky, lucky, lucky we are to have a local producer of goat cheese. All too often I hear people say they don’t like goat cheese. My immediate response is to tell them that they probably haven’t had GOOD goat cheese, and Gothberg Farms makes GOOD goat cheese.

Let’s begin with Chèvre: a fresh, spreadable cheese. Gothberg’s Chèvre is incredibly light and fluffy with a clean, subtle tang. Whenever I have a guest who says they “don’t normally eat cheese”, they always end up devouring Gothberg’s Chèvre. I love how versatile this cheese can be: delicious alone, drizzled with olive oil or honey, rolled in herbs, topped with chili flakes, peppercorns, fresh fruit or preserves… but my favorite may be eating it on Breadfarm Graham Crackers – instant mini cheesecake, yum!

Just as Chèvre must be made with goat’s milk, traditional Feta is made with goat or sheep’s milk (if this was Europe, we wouldn’t be able to call it Feta unless it was made in Greece!). The flavor of Feta cheese depends upon the type of milk used, so it is no wonder that Greek natives flock to the Gothberg booth at farmer’s markets to enjoy a taste of “home”. Gothberg Feta has just the right amount of sharp and salt; strong enough to stand out in salads, vegetable pies, or on pizza, and yet easily eaten slice after slice, bite after bite. As Feta should, Gothberg’s crumbles nicely and has a pleasant zest. Olives and Feta naturally go together, and the Breadfarm Black Olive Baguette makes an excellent match.

If you are fortunate enough to come across Gothberg’s Caprino Romano or Woman of LaMancha, take some home with you. The Caprino Romano is inspired by traditional Italian raw milk cheeses. Aged for a year, it has a surprisingly creamy texture with a well developed flavor. The peppercorn rind adds a nice touch of spice. The Woman of LaMancha is a Manchego style cheese. Also a raw milk cheese, it is drier in texture, has a wonderful nutty flavor and a smoked paprika rind. These specialty cheeses are best savored by the slice with a glass of good, red wine or whiskey!

What makes Gothberg Farms cheese taste better than some other goat cheeses? The quality of the the milk makes all the difference. Some people enjoy the “bucky” flavors often found in goat cheeses, whereas the majority of us prefer a more delicate “goatiness”. Rhonda Gothberg likes her milk to taste like melted ice cream. That can only make good cheese.

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