Wine Wednesday 2

Whoa Nellie!!!  This week has outdone itself!!!  Absolutely everything was awesome! And easy!

We started with a great Fall afternoon treat.  I sliced Breadfarm baguette on the diagonal and sprinkled it with our Goats’ Milk Cheddar (I grated it, slices may have been better, and certainly easier).  I topped that with sliced, peeled apples from my own tree and thinly sliced beets from my own garden.  I topped that with a bit more of our Cheddar.  Then I baked it at 350-400 degrees til browned on top. This was really tasty and was so representative of Fall here on the goat farm.

The Prep
The Pre-Cook

Oh Yum! Baked & Done.

And then for the wine selection.  Tonight we chose Purple Star Syrah 2008 from the Columbia Valley, WA.  This wine is full bodied & slightly spicy.  It brings to mind soft, ripe fruit (so what is not to love about that?).  It is a very friendly, drinkable, enjoyable Syrah.  And an even greater bonus to be had!  15% of proceeds of this wine go to Seattle Children’s Hospital uncompensated care fund. I have 3-5 really good reasons for this to be appreciated.  So go on over to our beloved John at Slough Food and try this one!

And I am sure you know by now Purple will always win with us!!!

And then, with nice wine and delicious treats, dinner evolved.

This was Eggplant Parmesan (our own from Gothberg Farms of course!), broccoli from our garden, beans & eggplant from the farmers market.   Yes indeed it was a good food evening.

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