Wine Wednesday

If you have been following along, you know I had an awesome cheese sampling at Metropolitan Market-Admiral Store last week.  When I go there, I fall in love every time.  The customers, the staff, and then…when I am done working…the STORE!!!  I promise you we have nothing to compare in Skagit County.  So, what is girl to do?  Of course, she must shop the perimeter of the store quickly before the long, dark drive home. And, being the girl she is, and the shopper she is, of course, cheese gets a prominent place in the cart.  In the store, it felt like a “few” interesting choices.  When I got home and spread them out…….they had multiplied.  Not to worry, a cheese girl cannot have too many selections.

Met Market Cheese Delights

The basil leaf topped cheeses are the house made mozarella from them.  I always bring us farm girls home a treat when I can!

So now to get to the selections & pairings for this evening.  The wine chosen is Sharecroppers, from Sunnyside WA.  We have had this wine before and found it pleasant. It is found with our favorite at Slough Food in Edison (and other places to be sure).  The cheeses selected are:

#1  12 Month Raw Manchego   Sheeps’ milk

#2 Rodin  Pasteurized Sheeps’ Milk

#3 Woman of LaMancha Raw Goats’ Milk

The crackers are Gothberg Farms Olive Oil crackers.  The dessert to the left is our Lemon chèvre Cheesecake.  So at this point, I tell Hubby “Dinner is done!”.  He is such a lucky man and doesn’t even realize it!

Cheese #1-Raw Manchego:  This is a delicious cheese.  Sweet, nutty, & mild.  Also a tad on the dry side.  The wine was a bit too tart for this cheese.

Pretty Rind Manchego

Cheese #2 The Mold ripened Pasteurized Sheeps’ milk cheese:  This cheese has a lovely aroma from the rind.  There are numerous eye holes.  It is sweetly pungent.  The wine brings out the full flavor of both the cheese and the wine.  Good choice for pairing.

Cheese #3 The Woman of LaMancha:  The cheese has a closed texture surrounded by a smoked paprika rind.  It is full flavored and quite creamy.  It has a unique tartness that speaks “quality milk”.  It pairs nicely with the wine, not overpowering for either of them.

The Gothberg Farms Olive Oil Crackers were a perfect compliment to all of the cheeses.  They were each sampled alone & then with the crackers.  These crackers have just the perfect crumb & saltiness for all of the selected cheeses.  Each cheese experienced flavor enhancement with the crackers as opposed to just the cheese by itself.  Considerable testing has gone into these crackers to have them deliver just these characteristics(sic).

And then the cheesecake.  Oh YES, the cheesecake.  It was the perfect palate transition.  This cheesecake blends well with all of the selected cheeses.  However, I do recommend finishing off the wine before the cheesecake.  A small snifter of Limoncello is the perfect finish!

Lemon Chèvre Cheesecake

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