Wine Wednesday 3

The weather in the Pacific Northwest has gone from late summer, to cool, sunny & crisp, to “coastal mist” cooler & gray-in about 12 hours. We are running  high 40’s to 50’s each day-not my favorite season would be putting it mildly.  We have already hit the 30’s & our day length is shortened by over 5 hours a day already. UGH!  I know what is just around the corner, and I don’t just mean kidding season.  So, with this change in the weather, I could not resist tonight’s choice of wine “Weather Report” from Peter’s Cellars in Mattawa, WA.  We had the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon.  This is a ripe, plush Cab.  The tannins are soft and smooth. It is a very approachable wine, yet full-bodied.  It is easily drinkable, enjoyable, and was able to carry some pretty diverse and delicious flavors as well.  I am very pleased with this value priced wine.  It is available at Slough Food in Edison WA.

Caerphilly, Ewephoria, Salumi, & Breadfarm too!

But of course, the wine alone does not do justice to the #winewednesday.  We do have our personal favorites we like to pair with.  Tonight’s choices with this wine are: our own Gothberg Farms goats’ milk Caerphilly, just sharp enough to add character.  We matched it up with Ewephoria, a most delightful, sweet, almost dessert-like sheeps’ milk gouda from Friesland, Holland.  The two were a great compliment.  We added in a little charcuterie from Salumi Meats in Seattle.  For this match we chose the spicy paprika blend.  The paprika added just the right amount of spunk for this wine which carried all of them beautifully.  Breadfarm baguette was the perfect accompaniment for all.  A few Marcona almonds from Spain-and dinner was pretty much complete at appetizer!!!

And how lucky are we here in Bow/Edison?? The wine, meat, almonds, Ewephoria-all from our beloved Slough Food.  Then, right next door, the Breadfarm. And the Caerphilly, right from our own cheese cooler.  Come check us all out!!!  Great tastes await.

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