Wine Wednesday 4

Funny how we are coming to look forward to Wednesday now!  The planning is almost as fun as the enjoying.

For this week we have decided it might be fun to be a little Italy-nostalgic.  Rhonda was there in 2008 for Slow Food Terra Madre, just about this time of year.  It was trip of a lifetime.  This Beaumont TX girl never quite imagined being in Italy!  Heck, she was far from home and out of place in Connecticut!  That is another story.

For tonight, we traveled only as far as our Slough Food in Edison for the wine.  We chose the Langhe Rosso.  It is a beautiful color in the glass.  It is quite good with the cheeses we have chosen.

Italy Nostalgia

These are all cheeses we make here at the farm with our milk.  The foreground is our Raw Milk Caprino Romano with Cracked Pepper rind.  It is almost sweet, but bursts with flavor when grated over pasta.  It is quite good on a cheese plate as well.   The middle one is our Raw Milk Parmesan.  It is sweet, flavorful, mild, and easy to eat!!  Because our milk is so rich and mild, our cheeses never get the flaky, crumbly texture.   Over time, the flavors intensify and jump to the front of the line. We live with that. It’s worth it.   Both of these are aged over a year.

The third cheese is our Delizia della Tavola.  This is a cheese we developed to mimic a delicious and memorable cheese we had for lunch in Italy.  This is not the same at all, just an approximation that evokes the  memories every time!  The name means “Delight of the Table”.  Thank you Silvio (our esteemed Italian friend) for the superb name.  The cheese itself is sweet, mild, almost buttery.  The rind is cured with olive oil and rubbed with basil, rosemary, savory, and sage.  We don’t have tons of it, but when it is available, you should plan a picnic and go with it.  Of course this time year in the Pacific Northwest, that may mean in front of your fireplace…..but heck, don’t pass up the opportunity. 
These cheeses all paired well with the wine.  Then, a lightbulb went off and Rhonda remembered a cheese she had in the fridge (also from Slough Food).  It was also quite good with this array.  It is Pecorino Toscano, a sheeps’ milk cheese from Tuscany which has pistachios in it.  OK, so what is not to like here? 
Olive Oil Crackers

Polenta Ricotta Cookies

All enjoyed nicely with our own Olive Oil Crackers.  Yes, we do indeed make these right here, on site.  Whole wheat and semolina flour.  We experimented to get just the right crumb for our own cheeses.  These are available at most farmers markets.

Not to be overlooked, is the ‘dessert’.  This would be (again) our own Polenta Ricotta Cookies.  This has become a staple favorite.  Well, it is a toss up some days whether to have the cookies or the Lemon Chèvre Cheesecake????/Hmmmm……life is full of really good choices.

Life here on the farm is ever blessed.  We take great blessings from the idea that we will likely never starve.  Knowing how, and genuinely loving, producing our own food is an immensely important part of life here.  Thanks to the goats, the land,  and all who participate in lovingly bringing us, and you, these foods.

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