Wine Wednesday

After several mild suggestions to add recipes to our pages, I have decided to take another approach.  I do love to cook, I do love to share recipes.  But let’s face it, that takes a significant time commitment.  I’m good for that, but not so much right now.  It did start me thinking about what I might really enjoy pursuing and sharing here.  Inspired by the Twitter folks, here is my less than professional opinion on wines, cheeses, beers, ciders, charcuterie, and all things associated that I enjoy.  I will make an effort here to be “regular” in posting a #WineWednesday enjoyment.  Cheeses will naturally have a focus on our cheeses, but will certainly not be exclusive.  I enjoy many cheeses, not just ours.  Most of the wines will come from our neighbors store, Slough Foods.  There will likely be occasional deviations, but always locally accessible and often locally produced.

Enough of the background thoughts.  On with our first selection.  For the wine, Alianca Vinho Verde.  This is a light, crisp white wine from Portugal.  It is a perfect summer wine.  I just discovered this gem this summer and am having it tonight as a final toast to the summer that almost wasn’t.  I am not ready for it to end, but with flannel shirt on for milking tonight, I must concede.  This wine pairs beautifully with fresh cracked crab, fresh oysters, and our chevre.  It is lovely with fresh garden tomatoes, chives, & cucumbers.  I highly recommend Taylor Shellfish Farms for your shellfish desires.  Pair the shellfish with the chevre, the wine, and a hunk of crusty Breadfarm bread, and life is just pretty dang good!  This wine is also a great value, so go see John at Slough Foods and toast one last glass to summer!

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