Zip’s Trips

Zip before delivery

 Zippy, a  13 month old first freshener, had triplets this morning starting at 4:30 AM. I missed the first one (even though I was sleeping on the couch in my clothes with the barn cam on!). She of course knew what to do and was doing a fine job. The second one was breech, which she also handled quite well. The third came nose and toes and we hoped that was going to be her final count! She has plenty of milk, plenty of maternal capabilities and plenty of instinct. We love easy kidders, good maternal instincts, and great dispositions.  This doe has it all! Final count 1 doe, 2 bucks.

Debbie and Newborn Care

 Debbie and I have such a good routine worked out this season.  She is very good with animals.  She has gotten quite proficient at newborn care.  She is one of the great assets of this farm.  Thanks Debbie! Here she is drying them with the hair dryer. 

Such a Good Mom Awaiting #3

 And, since I anticipated a 5:00 AM delivery last night, bless Sarah for coming in at 6:00AM to get the cheddar out of the press and get that all cleaned up.  I’m telling you all, I have the BEST employees anyone could EVER imagine! 

Successful Spring births and the promise of new life always starts the day with a good attitude.

Debbie and FAX

And the Work Goes On…

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