29 Ways to Love Chèvre

Gothberg Farms Chèvre with Figs and Honey

Welcome First Day of Summer!!!!  And nothing says Summer is here like fresh from the goat farm Chèvre!

Here is a guest blog post from Chez LouLou “28 Reasons to Love Fromage de Chèvre”.    She lists some excellent ideas and recipes.  Have fun with this one!!  We just had to add #29 with the Fig and Honey because it is also a favorite here.

We are in full chèvre production mode right now, so find us, and start enjoying our Summer Bounty.

Let us know your favorite ways to enjoy this fabulously versatile cheese.  We love hearing from you all.

2 thoughts on “29 Ways to Love Chèvre”

  1. Oh my, so many… hard to choose..must try them ALL! We love to stuff sweet dates too. They are yummy snack, easy to take on drive along {kept chilled of course}. Ooowee, thanks Chez LouLou for sharing. Keep that cheese coming +team Gothberg..we’re gonna need it. 🙂

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