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The farm is on 40 acres of fertile farmland in the beautiful Skagit Valley, surrounded by the Cascade Mountains & Puget Sound - midway between Seattle & the Canadian border.

We make farmstead goat cheeses, meaning only our milk goes into making our award-winning cheeses and our herd of LaMancha goats are milked twice a day.

The milk comes out of the goats and goes into the cheese vat with no fancy processes in between. Our milk is the Secret Weapon here. You can taste the essence of our Valley: the sea breezes, the grasses, & the surrounding farm activities.

15203 Sunset Rd
Bow, WA 98232

(360) 202-2436

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The Farm Store Experience

When you head out to our farm in Bow, WA, keep your eye out for the "Open Today" sign.

This indicates that our notorious "Honor Box" is open for business. We have a self-service fridge for you to pick from some of our fan favorites. Leave the amount indicated on the cheeses, and we've left a basket with a few coins so you can make change easily.

We encourage cash, but if you need to use plastic we often have someone around who can help you check-out. Checks are also acceptable!

Stop on by next time you're in the beautiful Skagit Valley!

The LaMancha Herd

All of our goats are pure bred LaManchas. They were chosen for their excellent milk quality, clever antics, & easy keeper abilities. This has remained one of the best farm decisions of all.

On any given day, we have about 40 goats. 20 of those are the daily milk crew. The herd is ‘dry’ in December-January, just before Spring kidding begins. We have 40-60 bouncing, jumping baby goats every year.

The Award-Winning Cheeses

Cheese…wonderful cheese. It’s what we do. All of our cheese is made here, in our tiny little cheese plant, in a 52 gallon vat. We do both raw & low-temp pasteurized cheeses. In fact, we make about 32 different cheeses, though some are seasonal.

They range from fresh chèvre & feta to many varieties of hard cheeses, including some on farm originals. For full variety, check our farmers markets & Farm Stand.

Download the full product list here.

The Adventure Preface

In May 2001 the farm adventure began. The house was completely renovated while we lived in travel trailers. What an experience!

Life began to transform and the goats arrived. The early goat barn was an old cow milking parlor. OK, we can be adaptable. But the love of the goats grew rapidly. Soon, the space was outgrown & the new goat barn & dairy was built. We got our Grade A Goat Dairy license in August 2004. Hence, my 3rd career was born. My decades as an RN & then real estate broker seemed to lay the perfect path for this.

Milking goats, making cheese, packing cheese, new customers, selling cheese. Oh My! Before long, the most amazing employees began to be added. Such a great team was created.

The space has been doubled once. Now we are about as big as we care to be & still maintain the quality demanded.

To this day I feel amazement and gratitude to be able to do all of this. I am forever grateful to my husband, Roy, my family, friends, employees & the most amazing customers you can imagine. Thank you all!

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