Tube Feeding Sick/Weak Kids or Lambs

Here is probably the best instruction sheet I have ever seen for feeding sick or weak kids and lambs.  This is precisely the technique we have used here for our entire goat career.

Tube Feeding Sick or Weak Newborn Kids or Lambs
Click this link to open the page.

Gothberg Farms Kidding Supplies
More Gothberg Farms Kidding Supplies

You can get these supplies locally at Excel Dairy in Mt. Vernon WA.  Bud (the guy you will talk to) has been absolutely GREAT about learning what we need for our small ruminants & has begun stocking our supplies right here.  We are really lucky!

1st Annual “Mission Fondue” at Gothberg Farms

Goat Cheese Fondue-Oh My!

You may know I have been on “Mission Fondue” for a year or so now.   Because let’s face reality: we have some really great cheeses and are perpetually experimenting around the kitchen with more and more ways to enjoy them.  Of course Gothberg Farms cheeses are quite prominent in the choices, but hey, we don’t limit ourselves.  We love lots of cheeses.

Fondue revival has been on the radar.  OK, so I missed the Fondue Era of the 60’s and 70′.  First of all I was too young to really get it.  Secondly, I was born and raised in Texas y’all.  I’m pretty sure they did not hear of the Fondue Era.  If you can’t BBQ it, you probably don’t eat it there.  Oh what a glorious life it was too.  

I digress.  Back to today.  A small group of us have taken interest in this new Winter Sport (living in the Pacific NW you improvise).  We have finally set a date to meet up, share ingredients and favorites, and share some communal fondue pots around the kitchen table.

So we are hereby declaring January 29th as National Fondue Day.

You lucky locals are invited to join us.  Must RSVP.

When:  January 29th (Tuesday)

Time:  4:00 pm until…….

Where:  At the Farm 15203 Sunset Road  Bow, WA

Bring:  Your favorite fondue makings (we have a few extra pots)

Beverages:  Bring one to share if you want to

Contact:  Rhonda at 360-202-2436  or

Lasagna, Cheese Boards, Cheesecakes……..Oh My!

Holiday Set Up At Compass Wines

It’s that special time of year when we meet up with friends & family, share special foods, enjoy the change of the Seasons, & generally stop to reflect on another year completed in our busy lives.  Here on the dairy that takes on special meaning.  This is when we get to slow down a bit, the goats are all pregnant, no longer milking for the year, growing their babies, & resting up themselves.  The work continues, but certainly at a much different pace.

It’s no secret we love good food.  We love creating really good food.  We love sharing really good food.

Back by request we are now taking orders for our 5 Goat Cheese Lasagna, Chevre Cheesecakes, and Custom Cheese Boards!

5 Goat Cheese Lasagna:  We select at least 5 of our cheeses for this each year.  The red sauce is made on site with great ingredients.  The lasagna is assembled here, then frozen for you to take home to bake.  We make a variety of sizes, from 2-10 servings.  Several of us order more than one so we can have it again later in the year.  Good Idea!!!  Such a treat here at kidding time.

Chevre Cheesecakes:  These have turned out to be quite a popular item for us.  We make a Lemon-Chevre, an Orange-Franjelico, and an Orange-Amaretto.  Available sizes are tartlets (about 3 inch size) or an 8 inch full size.  The 8 inch contains a full pound of chèvre!!  With only 1/3 cup of sugar per 8 inch size or the same divided over a dozen tartlets, the main sweetness comes from the cheese.  We know from experience & your feedback, these also freeze quite well.

Cheese Boards:  Need an interesting and delicious cheese board for an event or just plain enjoyment?  We have you covered.  Let us know how many people, what you propose to pair it with, & we will help you select the perfect fare!  We can go as simple or elaborate as you wish.  Let’s talk through some ideas.

Cheesecake Tartlets

Lasagnas and cheesecakes will be ready for pick-up Dec. 23.  Cheese boards require 3 days advance notice and can be picked up pretty much anytime by appointment.  We make a few “extra” lasagnas and freeze them ahead, so check to see if any are available.  Orders are already filling fast.

Thank you for your continued support.  You make each year worth it to come back and do it all again.

Goats For Sale

We have more great LaMancha goats here than we are going be able to keep this year.  2 mature does, 3 (with possibility of 6) doelings, 1 buckling, and 2 wethers (not for meat).

Gracee at Appraisal 8/12 (milked out)

Since I’m not smart enough to post a document into this space, email me and I’ll send it over to you right away.

Some of the does are already bred, and the ones who aren’t are old enough and could be bred here prior to leaving with you.

Yasmin at Appraisal 8/12 (milked out)

Or you can call me at 360-202-2436 if you want more info.

Chèvre & Fennel Tasting

I LOVE fennel.  I find it unique, healthy, interesting, & a great accompaniment to my cooking.  I had some ground fennel which I kept smelling.  It was enticing.  One thought led to another, as frequently happens here.  Thoughts trend to generally turn towards cheese for almost everything here too.  So then, how would a fennel cheese taste?  Our own cheese.  Hard cheese?  Soft, fresh cheese?  Ideas sometimes come faster than others.  It was chevre wrapping day, so, Voila!  The experiment was underway.

Gothberg Farms Chèvre-Fennel Experimentals

Flavor blends were imagined, and half-chevres were ‘innoculated’ with the chosen combinations.  They were wrapped like the rest of the cheeses and kept overnight for flavor blending.  Today Ginny, our new cheesemaker apprentice, and I set about evaluating each one.  Such a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Here are our raw notes with our initial evaluations:

Fennel (alone)   Earthy, anise, fresh, delicate.  Great as a stand-alone.  Pair with fresh pears, champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pear Brandy.

Fennel with White Pepper   Needed more fennel, maybe in a 2:1 ratio w/ the pepper.  Taste definitely finishes “pepper”.  Nice, on the delicate side, pleasant lingering pepper flavor.

Fennel with Chives  Nicely balanced, still lets cheese flavor come through.  Chive gives savory notes to sweetness of the fennel.  Nice texture.  After taste is great, seems like Fall.
*Winner*  Would be great with salad, pasta, pizza, baguette, or on a plain bagel.

Fennel with Nettle  Just ‘ok’, especially after chive being so good.  Not the best texture.  Will not repeat this one.

Fennel with Chive & Parsley  Versatile taste but the parsley ‘toned down’ the chive too much.  OK, but not a favorite.

Fennel with Cilantro  Earthy, prominent, fennel rounds it out, more of a flavor statement than the chive.  Finish lingers nicely, lets cheese come through.  Would pair nicely with our Cinco de Mayo Gouda.

Fennel with Garden Herb (which is a blend of parsley, chive, & lovage)  Tastes like a Bite of Summer.  The heart of Summer. Evokes warm sun rays feeling.  Will definitely repeat.

Fennel with Calendula Petals  Used freshly dried petals.  Would have worked much better if set on chevre overnight to soften a bit.  Pleasant, mild, with a slight bitter taste at the end, though not at all unpleasant.  Just feels healthy!

Fennel with Chive and Calendula Petals  Again, soften petals on cheese first.  As tasty as it is beautiful!  The fennel almost hides, then subtly says “Fine Finish!”.  All the flavors come together at the end.  *Winner*  Would pair nicely with our goats’ milk Caerphilly.

Fennel with Cracked Pepper  Way better than the White Pepper.  Needs smaller mesh cracked pepper so it doesn’t over-power.  Overall quite good.

So there you have it.  A tiny glimpse into how we determine new and wonderful cheese offerings.


Cheese Sales at the Farm Starts Oct. 6, 2012

How can it be that time of year already?  Farmers markets are coming to an end in many locations, goats are being bred for next years babies and milk, milk supply changing to Fall consistency.  Whew!  This was a fast dairy year here at Gothberg Farms.

We will now have the Farm “Stand” open for cheese sales.
Saturdays ONLY   from 12:00 noon-4:00 PM.

Please keep in mind we remain a working farm.  This is not a public tour of the goats or the farm in general.  You will be able to see the goats from the outside fence if they have chosen to be outside, but time does not allow for family tours.  We of course happily talk ‘goats’ anytime!!!  So feel free to ask all the questions you want.

Looking forward to seeing you beginning this Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012.  We generally keep this going to until just about Christmas.  Closed Thanksgiving weekend.

Greek-Style Yogurt From a Small Farmstead

We love our goats (no secrets in this).  We love the beautiful milk they provide so willingly twice a day, every day.  We love the 20+ cheeses we produce from this incredible milk.  Since we are a very small farm, we have the ‘luxury’ of being a bit creative.  One of the local favorites is our Greek-style yogurt.  It is rich, creamy, almost lemony, very slightly tart, and generally evokes what we have come to call the “Swoon Effect” (that roll the eyes, drop your knees, go to another place) kind of response.  You know what we mean here.

What does it take to bring this most awesome yogurt to you?  Well, quite frankly about 40 woman hours.  Add to that 80 turns of goats on the milk stand.  20 goats times 4 milkings.  No wonder it tastes so special!

Every deli tub is hand filled

But of course they are individually sanitized first.

Yogurt Day is Always a Happy Day

Voila!  It magically appears for you!
Definitely NOT Grocery Store Yogurt.

Come see us at the farmers markets this weekend.  We will have this unique, delicious, farmstead treasure for you.  We will also have recipe ideas…hint…they involve local fruits.

Special thanks to Ginny for some of the photos!

Farmers Markets Biodiversity

Here is a very well-written post about a topic I have been espousing for years!!!  Yes folks, we are making ourselves sick with the food/sanitizer/antibiotic fanaticism.  Too good not to share.
Add A Little Dirt to Our Diet

So go ahead, grow your own food, shop at your local markets, go outside, open a window, pet an animal…… I’m not saying eat unsanitary foods.  Just use some common sense.  We all know you cannot legislate common sense.  Take back our good food practices.

Gothberg Farms Dinner Prep from Home Garden
Gothberg Farms Garden Food
OK, so not grocery store perfect.  Still mighty good eating!
Gothberg Farms Career Women
Producing Real Milk and Real Cheese

29 Ways to Love Chèvre

Gothberg Farms Chèvre with Figs and Honey

Welcome First Day of Summer!!!!  And nothing says Summer is here like fresh from the goat farm Chèvre!

Here is a guest blog post from Chez LouLou “28 Reasons to Love Fromage de Chèvre”.    She lists some excellent ideas and recipes.  Have fun with this one!!  We just had to add #29 with the Fig and Honey because it is also a favorite here.

We are in full chèvre production mode right now, so find us, and start enjoying our Summer Bounty.

Let us know your favorite ways to enjoy this fabulously versatile cheese.  We love hearing from you all.

‘Man-Food’ Cheese & Meat Board for Father’s Day

The men in this house do love cured meats.  They also enjoy cheeses (good thing, eh?).  It’s no secret that Roy likes stronger cheeses and meats, so I set out to accommodate that preference for Father’s Day.

Cheese & Charcuterie for Father’s Day 2012

Here is my brief review of the selections: (as viewed left to right)

Fra’Mani meat- Roy’s favorite.  Nice flavor, very natural tasting.

Salumi Spicy Paprika-always a favorite here.  Just a little kick, pairs well with almost anything chosen in this house.

Salumi Mole-Love the spices in this one-mole, cinnamon, very nice flavor combos.  Always a favorite here too.

Rogue River Blue-Lovely presentation, favorite of the husband.  Too much ‘bite’ for me.  I was not tempted to lick the knife I cut it with.  Husband ate every last morsel.

Pecorino Toscano-lovely little sheeps’ milk cheese.  Sweetly pungent with a nice dry texture.  Paired nicely with everything, including the beer.

Mt. Townsend Campfire-Smooth, creamy, nice subtle tang.  The smoke flavor is just enough, but not overpowering.

Gothberg Farms Chiva Chipotle (Chipotle Cheddar)-Nice blend of the pepper with the sweetness of the cheese.  The smoky pepper flavor is subtle and lingers a bit with each bite.

Gothberg Farms Caprino Romano-A surprising hit on the board.  Sweet, subtle flavor but not shy.  Our Romano never gets very ‘dry’ as our rich, creamy milk just likes to stay that way.

Gothberg Farms Woman of LaMancha-This is a favorite across any board.  Possibly our ‘strongest’ cheese-raw milk, aged over a year, with a rind cured with olive oil and Smoked Spanish Paprika.  As beautiful to look at as it is to enjoy.

Gothberg Farms 4 Year Gouda-Another husband favorite.  Our sweet, creamy gouda with a bit of sharpness.  In fact, a bit too sharp for the makers taste, but a favorite of many.

All the above paired quite nicely with Maibock from Boundary Bay Brewery.

The dinner of smoked pork ribs, goat chops, potato salad, and chèvre stuffed jalapeños wrapped in prosciutto then grilled followed.

We elected to skip the dessert.  Naps won out.

The meats and Campfire were from our beloved Slough Foods in Edison.

The Rogue River and Pecorino Toscano were from Metropolitan Market in Seattle.

The bread was of course from the Breadfarm.

And I loved serving on my own handmade board of re-cycled lumber.