We have our winners in the Cheese Contest!  We are super excited.  The big computer in the sky picked the winners, so we got as surprised as you.  Looks like some tried-and-true friends won as well as new folks we get to meet real soon here.  This was so much fun.

Prize #1:  Cheese Tasting at the Farm for Up To 4 People

Lisa S. won this.  We have not met Lisa yet, so this will be super special making new cheese lover friends!  Our event is scheduled and our brains are in gear planning a tailored cheese tasting and pairing.  She is coming from Seattle and her special guy from Olympia.  The long(er) arm of our cheese always amazes us. You can be sure in addition to our cheese we will incorporate our special friends like:  Slough Food for charcuterie & many things fabulous, Breadfarm, well we don’t need to say more, and Boundary Bay Brewery because Summer is just better with their beer and we have some excellent pairings with them.

Prize #2:  Cheese Basket Sampler

We practically squealed with delight when we saw who won this one!  Jen at La Conner Flats.  Oh my, yet another hard working farm woman who loves local foods as much as we do.  It was so much fun putting her basket together and proudly delivering it to her.

Prize #3:  Edible Seattle Cookbook

The computer actually picked 2 for this one, so we went with it.

Jan S. of Shaw Island, WA is one of these lucky folks.  Turns out she loves cookbooks as much as I do, so this will be a fun addition to her library.  Jan, her goats, cows, pigs, bees, rabbits, husband , and really fine son live & farm on Shaw Island.  An amazing family.  Jan is an amazing farm woman who literally does it all.

Shaw Is. Hay Day: No Fancy Equipment:  The Hard Way

Judy N. of Redmond also won a cookbook.   Judy & her friends found us years ago while exploring the riches of Skagit.  It is a highlight for us as they include us every year on their Girl’s Day Out foray up here.  Awesome, adventuresome women.

This was our first ever contest.  We will definitely do more in the future.  It gave us a chance to connect in a different way, let us recognize some loyal cheese customers, and gave us an opportunity to meet new friends.  Thanks Contest Domination for helping us along the way.

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