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Are you lucky enough to have your “own” feed mill right in your town?  One that is locally owned by a super great local farming family?  I sure hope so.  We have just that right here.

Here’s the scoop on them in their own words:
Conway Feed is a pioneer animal feed manufacturing plant located in Conway, Washington. Since 1919 the facility at Conway has supplied grains and assisted farmers with their crops. Scott and Kelly McKnight are now the owners and the feed mill produces animal feeds for dairy, poultry, horse, goat, sheep, rabbit, alpaca, emu/ostrich and others. Feeds made Fresh…. naturally. Stop by.

I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing the owners and employees here for about a dozen years now.  Wow!  How did that go by so fast?  They have been a great resource to me and many others I know as we try to provide the absolute best we can to our animals.  And I have always loved knowing our dollars are staying as local as they can with our feed bills.  We have watched each others kids, livestock, & lives evolve over the years with a personal and professional touch.  This matters.

Yes, they provide all kinds of feed for all kinds of animals in all kinds of quantities.  From the 50 lb sack, to the tote, to the truck load—they do it.  Some days the chaff is all over the parking lot.  Some days it smells like cereal cooking.  Some days every pair of legs and every loader is busy filling, loading, and providing.  I love seeing and being a small part of this.  I feel like I and my animals are important to them-all of them.  The owner, the office staff, the mill guys, the baggers, the loaders, the truck drivers, the consultants-all of them make me feel like our little farm matters.  This is a treasure to us.  

All of our goat grain comes from them.  Has for years.  Our mix is a custom mix I formulated from a back yarders recipe, then consulted with my vet for appropriateness for our goats.  Once the vet approved it, it went on to a PhD Animal Nutritionist who also approved it.  This was a learning curve here, no doubt.  This was about 10 years ago.  Conway Feed agreed to custom mix it for us.  I am told it is one of their more complicated mixes and I’ve even heard tell the office person makes the guys brownies to ‘entice’ them a bit on make day.  What started out as a 1 ton mix is now 4 tons at a time.  Now, anyone can buy it.  No, I don’t get any royalties or kick backs.  That was never my goal.  My goal is good feed responsibly produced.  That’s what we get-faithfully & reliably.  To this ration, we add our own grass hay & alfalfa from eastern WA and Voila!  The absolute BEST La Mancha goat milk ever.

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Thank you Conway Feed for being a vital link in our local food chain.  I know our food security is enhanced by having you here with us.  

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    • Eileen

      Our supplier of Organic Conway Layer pellet, Hohl’s in Bellingham unfortunately just burned down. It was a great local store. Wondering where in Whatcom County we can now buy your chicken feed?

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