Our goat cheese lasagna has become a local favorite.  What started as great food for our family has morphed into a certified, inspected product we can share with YOU!

It starts with the cheese-of course!!  We use 5+ of our cheeses in this beauty.  There is always Chevre, Ricotta, and goat Parmesan, then we start adding.  This year that included Feta, Caerphilly, & two kinds of Gouda.  Oh MY!  And yes, you really can taste the various flavors within the finished delight.

Debbie & the Kitchen Aid

A Mountain of Cheesey Goodness
Fabulous Cheese Choices

And then, there is the red sauce.  This is my homemade sauce recipe I use in the house.  Italian tomatoes, onion, thyme, and carrots (as a sweetener) from my garden, garlic from the farmers market, olive oil, salt, & pepper.  That’s IT!  All real food.  No mystery products.

A Lot of Red Sauce

Garden Additions

Once we get the prep done, we set up a modified assembly line-Debbie & I are the conveyor belts here.  All hand done, of course.  Once assembled, they are covered and frozen.

We take pre-orders for farm pick up.  We can bring them to the Bellingham Farmers Market by pre-arrangement.  They sell out quickly so call if you want one reserved.  Rhonda 360-202-2436  cell/text

3 Sizes Available

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