Greek-Style Yogurt From a Small Farmstead

We love our goats (no secrets in this).  We love the beautiful milk they provide so willingly twice a day, every day.  We love the 20+ cheeses we produce from this incredible milk.  Since we are a very small farm, we have the ‘luxury’ of being a bit creative.  One of the local favorites is our Greek-style yogurt.  It is rich, creamy, almost lemony, very slightly tart, and generally evokes what we have come to call the “Swoon Effect” (that roll the eyes, drop your knees, go to another place) kind of response.  You know what we mean here.

What does it take to bring this most awesome yogurt to you?  Well, quite frankly about 40 woman hours.  Add to that 80 turns of goats on the milk stand.  20 goats times 4 milkings.  No wonder it tastes so special!

Every deli tub is hand filled

But of course they are individually sanitized first.

Yogurt Day is Always a Happy Day

Voila!  It magically appears for you!
Definitely NOT Grocery Store Yogurt.

Come see us at the farmers markets this weekend.  We will have this unique, delicious, farmstead treasure for you.  We will also have recipe ideas…hint…they involve local fruits.

Special thanks to Ginny for some of the photos!

4 thoughts on “Greek-Style Yogurt From a Small Farmstead”

  1. Those yogurts looks yummy and made me hungry for more, I just ate a cup of yogurt a while ago, and I think I’m gonna eat another one again. Anyway yogurt is good for the body, my long island dietician told me that aside from the vitamins that it gives to the body it is also the perfect food for weight loss.

  2. Talk about home-made goodness. Nothing’s healthier than having to get the food fresh from the source, and packing it the same day. Now I want to have a taste of that.

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