“Honor Box” Farm Stand Open

If the Sign is Out, We Are Open

We are trying something we have talked about for years.  There is now an Honor Box here at the farm where you can stop in for your favorite cheeses!   OK, so it’s not fancy, a little Hokey Pokey, but it’s a start.  Maybe this will help with the multiple calls we get each week looking for on farm purchases.  This way we will come assist you if we can, but may not always be able to do so.  Make your own change, round up, or round down, whatever you feel is most appropriate.

This ‘new deal’ does not allow barn, farm, or animal access.  Please be respectful of our wishes on this one.  It’s for the safety of all concerned.

Hours:  Monday-Saturday  10:00am-4:00pm.  

We sincerely Thank You for your continued support in so many ways!  Please give us your feedback and suggestions so we may make this work for all of us.

The Farm Crew

A Simple Start

4 thoughts on ““Honor Box” Farm Stand Open”

  1. I see you are located in Bow, but what is the exact address?
    This would be a great idea for a scavenger hunt item! A scavenger hunt to local farms to collect items!
    (not an actual scavenger hunt on the farm)

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