Lasagna, Cheese Boards, Cheesecakes……..Oh My!

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It’s that special time of year when we meet up with friends & family, share special foods, enjoy the change of the Seasons, & generally stop to reflect on another year completed in our busy lives.  Here on the dairy that takes on special meaning.  This is when we get to slow down a bit, the goats are all pregnant, no longer milking for the year, growing their babies, & resting up themselves.  The work continues, but certainly at a much different pace.

It’s no secret we love good food.  We love creating really good food.  We love sharing really good food.

Back by request we are now taking orders for our 5 Goat Cheese Lasagna, Chevre Cheesecakes, and Custom Cheese Boards!

5 Goat Cheese Lasagna:  We select at least 5 of our cheeses for this each year.  The red sauce is made on site with great ingredients.  The lasagna is assembled here, then frozen for you to take home to bake.  We make a variety of sizes, from 2-10 servings.  Several of us order more than one so we can have it again later in the year.  Good Idea!!!  Such a treat here at kidding time.

Chevre Cheesecakes:  These have turned out to be quite a popular item for us.  We make a Lemon-Chevre, an Orange-Franjelico, and an Orange-Amaretto.  Available sizes are tartlets (about 3 inch size) or an 8 inch full size.  The 8 inch contains a full pound of chèvre!!  With only 1/3 cup of sugar per 8 inch size or the same divided over a dozen tartlets, the main sweetness comes from the cheese.  We know from experience & your feedback, these also freeze quite well.

Cheese Boards:  Need an interesting and delicious cheese board for an event or just plain enjoyment?  We have you covered.  Let us know how many people, what you propose to pair it with, & we will help you select the perfect fare!  We can go as simple or elaborate as you wish.  Let’s talk through some ideas.

Cheesecake Tartlets

Lasagnas and cheesecakes will be ready for pick-up Dec. 23.  Cheese boards require 3 days advance notice and can be picked up pretty much anytime by appointment.  We make a few “extra” lasagnas and freeze them ahead, so check to see if any are available.  Orders are already filling fast.

Thank you for your continued support.  You make each year worth it to come back and do it all again.

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