‘Man-Food’ Cheese & Meat Board for Father’s Day

The men in this house do love cured meats.  They also enjoy cheeses (good thing, eh?).  It’s no secret that Roy likes stronger cheeses and meats, so I set out to accommodate that preference for Father’s Day.

Cheese & Charcuterie for Father’s Day 2012

Here is my brief review of the selections: (as viewed left to right)

Fra’Mani meat- Roy’s favorite.  Nice flavor, very natural tasting.

Salumi Spicy Paprika-always a favorite here.  Just a little kick, pairs well with almost anything chosen in this house.

Salumi Mole-Love the spices in this one-mole, cinnamon, very nice flavor combos.  Always a favorite here too.

Rogue River Blue-Lovely presentation, favorite of the husband.  Too much ‘bite’ for me.  I was not tempted to lick the knife I cut it with.  Husband ate every last morsel.

Pecorino Toscano-lovely little sheeps’ milk cheese.  Sweetly pungent with a nice dry texture.  Paired nicely with everything, including the beer.

Mt. Townsend Campfire-Smooth, creamy, nice subtle tang.  The smoke flavor is just enough, but not overpowering.

Gothberg Farms Chiva Chipotle (Chipotle Cheddar)-Nice blend of the pepper with the sweetness of the cheese.  The smoky pepper flavor is subtle and lingers a bit with each bite.

Gothberg Farms Caprino Romano-A surprising hit on the board.  Sweet, subtle flavor but not shy.  Our Romano never gets very ‘dry’ as our rich, creamy milk just likes to stay that way.

Gothberg Farms Woman of LaMancha-This is a favorite across any board.  Possibly our ‘strongest’ cheese-raw milk, aged over a year, with a rind cured with olive oil and Smoked Spanish Paprika.  As beautiful to look at as it is to enjoy.

Gothberg Farms 4 Year Gouda-Another husband favorite.  Our sweet, creamy gouda with a bit of sharpness.  In fact, a bit too sharp for the makers taste, but a favorite of many.

All the above paired quite nicely with Maibock from Boundary Bay Brewery.

The dinner of smoked pork ribs, goat chops, potato salad, and chèvre stuffed jalapeños wrapped in prosciutto then grilled followed.

We elected to skip the dessert.  Naps won out.

The meats and Campfire were from our beloved Slough Foods in Edison.

The Rogue River and Pecorino Toscano were from Metropolitan Market in Seattle.

The bread was of course from the Breadfarm.

And I loved serving on my own handmade board of re-cycled lumber.

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