Mario Batali Features Our Chèvre!

Clouds of Goodness
Gothberg Farms Fresh Chèvre 

Well known Chef Mario Batali cooked up another fantastic recipe on ABC TV series The Chew.  He uses OUR fresh chèvre!  We are pretty excited about this.  I’ve been using his recipes for years (I have him installed on my iPhone as an app with great regional Italian cooking recipes & education).  Our beloved employee, Debbie literally danced around the farm all day yesterday as he is her All-Time Favorite Iron Chef.

Here is the link to the video and printed recipe.  It truly showcases the Pacific Northwest great foods.  Very excited to make this one!
Mario Batali & Gothberg Farms Fresh Chèvre

We are further honored to have Bellingham KOMO News give us a shout out and also highlight one of our local Farmers Markets.  Thanks Bellingham KOMO!
Bellingham KOMO Mentions Gothberg Farms & Mario Batali

Thank you all for helping make us so proud of what we produce here. The utmost thanks belongs right here though:  Our magnificent LaMancha Dairy Goats!  Thanks Girls!  Extra rose bushes & blackberries for you today.

Working Moms of Gothberg Farms

If you live in NW Washington state, look for us at Seattle-area Metropolitan Markets, Bellingham Farmers Market, Everett Farmers Market, & Anacortes Farmers Market.  We are featured quite a few other places so check out our availability map above for a more complete listing.  Additions coming soon!

Beautiful Gothberg Farms Chèvre Ready for Markets

And if you are a chef, here is how you receive our chèvre.

Thank you all for your support over our almost 8 years of doing this!!!!

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