Chic Choc Cheddar

Meet Chic Choc Cheddar.  Our goat’s milk Cheddar, with a vein of Chicory in the middle, then hand rubbed with Chocolate!!!

What’s not to love here?  
This cheese was inspired by my Bayou Country roots in deep East Texas, where chicory was the poor man’s coffee when I was a child.  Yes, my family drank the stuff, but us kids were not allowed any.  Oh well, it always sounded good.
We decided on a very last minute, rushed out the door kind of decision, to enter this cheese in the American Dairy Goat Association’s annual Cheese Competition which was held this year in Asheville, NC.  
Well, Imagine our elation when I received this text message from a fellow goat friend attending the convention!!!  We won First Place in the Flavored Hard Cheese category!!!  And it was even sweeter when our compadres in the category were a fellow Texan and goat friend and also a WA cheesemaker who has part of her foundation herd from our goats!  We are all so connected out here!  I just love that!
Here’s the selected cheese–out for the convention attendees to sample.  Gee, what did we do before instant technology feedback?  We waited days and weeks for this info.  Thanks to Lacia for the help.
The cheese judges were Max McCallum and Neville Mc Naughton.  Both well-known in the field and highly respected.  Now I’m anxious to receive their evaluation notes-another benefit of entering.

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