With Extreme Gratitude

Denise:  You have captured me!

I know this is long, but if you want the true story, the entire story behind our farm, watch this:


I’d love to hear your responses.
Thank You ever so much Denise.

5 thoughts on “With Extreme Gratitude”

  1. Hi Rhonda, you’re WELCOME. You have so much experience, wisdom and valuable information to share. I hope a lot of people watch the video and get all the take aways and become inspired to pursue something daring or dreamy regardless of their chronological age.

  2. Loved this little interview, it was like listening to all the questions I would ask if I had the chance. Thanks for sharing yourself and your wisdom!

    1. Thanks Erica. I was just telling my daughter today that if I was scheduled to do a class and couldn’t make it, they could just show this. It is pretty all-encompassing. Denise did a great job with the questions & prompts. It was all unplanned and totally off the cuff. Usually the best way I think. Add in two women who enjoy talking about small farms and I think the recipe for success is pretty good.

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